MIDAS Local Communications Controller

Firmware Upgrades / Updates:
MIDAS LCC v1.30 [Firmware] 26/07/2007

Version 1.30 of the LCC firmware provides the following functions:

  • Graphical User Interface menu system
  • LCC and Transponder Status menu
  • Event and MIDAS Message logging
  • Communication, performance, and buffering statistics (updated in real-time)
  • Engineers Menu
  • System configuration menu

Changes made to version 1.30 from the previous issue are as follows:

  • Default T1 timer changed to 190ms
  • Improved V.26 error handling
  • The LCC Firmware Update will only override the LCC binaries and associated configuration files, the operating system and startup files will not be changed.

For more information and instruction on how to upgrade the LCC, please see the Readme file.

Readme Download

MIDAS LCC v1.30 [System] Issue S1498 26/07/2007

The Full System Update formats and updates the entire LCC including the firmware and operating system files.

Please note that a system update is only necessary when installing onto a new unit, previous versions can normally be upgraded with the firmware only issue unless stated otherwise.

For more information and instruction on how to upgrade the LCC firmware, please see the Readme file.