Midas Outstation Test Equipment (MOTE)

MOTE V6.00 18/08/2016

Version 6.00 of MOTE provides the following enhancements:

  • Windows 7 Support
  • Instation-LCC IP Mode
  • Instation-LCC IP Script Mode
  • Engineers Terminal IP Mode

For more information please see the Readme file. For older version of MOTE please email technologysupport@costain.com

NMCS2 Builder Latest Version:
NMCS2 Configuration Builder v1.21 30/10/2012

NMCS2 Configuration Builder is a utility designed to generate MOTE, MC75, Tester and Device Simulator for Windows configurations. This will directly import Site Data (DEP – Data Entry Package) file and generate the necessary configuration files. NMCS2 Configuration Builder v1.20 includes the facility to import IP information directly from the DEP file.

Note: NMCS2 Configuration Builder installation will automatically update from version 1.10 and above. Version below 1.10 will need to be manually uninstalled first before installing this new version.

For more information please see the readme file.

Acceptance Tests:
MCG1089 Outstation Acceptance Tests 12/02/2007

This installation comprises a set of MOTE scripts for Outstation Acceptance tests, in accordance with the Highways Agency document MCG1089 issue H including Change Notes 681 to 820.

Readme Download

SEALEVEL 3612/5102 Drivers 15/04/2009

The 3612/5102 serial interface card provides a single PCMCIA/PCI synchronous serial link to devices that require synchronous communications. Both laptop and desktop users should ensure that the SEALEVEL 3612/5102 drivers are installed before installing MOTE.

IMPORTANT: For certain HP laptop users that have problems with their SeaMAC drivers, please install the SeaMAC HP Laptop Patch after installing the driver.

Readme Download

SeaMAC HP Laptop Patch 15/04/2009

The SeaMAC HP Laptop Patch is required for certain HP laptop users that have compatibility problems with their SeaMAC drivers. Users have to uninstall SEALEVEL 3612 driver and copy the patch files to the specified location before restarting the computer and manually changing the IRQ and I/O resources of the device to avoid address conflict. For detail instructions, please see the readme file.

NewLink Drivers 12/06/2007

How to find a lightest way to contact your PDA to the USB port on your PC? USB Serial Converter operates as a bridge between one USB port and standard RS-232 Serial port. You just easily hook the cable into PC or Hub’s port, and it can connect any RS-232 devices, such as PDA, scanner, printer… etc.

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