Synchronous Communication Tester

Latest Version:

Synchronous Communication Tester v1.10 15/11/2007

Version 1.10 of SCT fixes the following fault:

  • Fixed the incrementation of the N(R) counters when the SCT is pushed to send multiple LAPB messages in rapid succession

For more information please see the Readme file.

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NMCS2 Builder Latest Version:

Synchronous Communication Tester v1.00 21/09/2007

The Synchronous Communication Tester (SCT) version 1.00 is a diagnostic tool for synchronous communications links. It supports the following protocol variations RS232/RS422/RS485 (via MCU)/V.26, HDLC/LAPB stack protocol, and both Elan HD717 and Sealevel (SL3612 and SL5102) communication cards.

SCT v1.00 has the following main facilities:

  • Custom configuration of baud rate, preamble length, idle mode and clocking source
  • Four independant modes of operations; Manual/Monitor, HDLC-Master, LAPB (DCE), and LAPB (DTE) modes
  • Manual transmission of individual frames
  • Frame and application level logging facilities
  • Performance and Communication Statistics counter
  •  Saving and retrieving Information frames

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